Term and Registration Deadlines


Fall TermSeptember 28 - December 182020
Winter Term
January 11 - April 22021
Spring TermApril 6 - June 182021

Registration Deadlines

During the registration period, the students can:

  • add courses,
  • drop courses,
  • modify registrations (change from grade to audit and vice versa).

Note: Changes to course registration are not possible AFTER the registration end date 

TermRegistration BeginsRegistration Ends
FallSeptember 21, 2020October 11, 2020
WinterDecember 21, 2020January 17, 2021
SpringMarch 15, 2021April 11, 2021

If a student wishes to drop a course after the registration period ends, the student must withdraw from the course and will receive a “W” on his/her transcript indicating that he/she withdrew from the course.