Master of Public Administration (2 years)

The two-year Master of Public Administration program integrates three components: Knowledge, Skills, and Practice. In addition to taking core courses in public policy analysis, the rule of law, economics, and research methods, students have the opportunity to develop and apply thematic expertise through specialist tracks within the program. These are: Security; Development; Governance; Media and Communication; and Higher Education Policy. In the Spring terms, MPA students participate in a series of Skills For Impact modules that develop emotional intelligence, awareness, leadership, negotiation and teambuilding capacities, as well as practical skills such as media training and documentary film making. These are intended for student application during their MPA program, as well as post-graduation employment.  The third program component is the Applied Policy Project, a nine month engagement between student teams and an external client that enables students to bridge classroom and experiential learning in a consultancy style format that is supported by the Project Director, a Faculty Adviser and the client organization.

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Overall aim

The MPA program develops graduates with the knowledge base and applied skills to critically engage with policy processes and debates, the methods training to promote and advocate for evidenced based policy, and a practitioners perspective that enables them to move from ‘contemplation to application’. This integrated and experiential approach to teaching and learning positions SPP MPA graduates to make a difference in the world of public policy in a period of rapid change, increased complexity and heightened contestation.



Title Instructor Credit
(Narcotic) Drugs and Global Societies Judith Aldridge (George Soros Visiting Chair) 2.0
2018-2019 Regional Academy on the United Nations: ‘Innovations for Development: Towards Peaceful, Sustainable & Inclusive Societies’ Bernhard Knoll-Tudor 4.0
Academic Writing for MPA students Borbála Faragó
Zsuzsanna Toth
Vera Eliasova
Advanced Human Rights Law and Mechanisms for Public Policy Students Kirsten Roberts Lyer 2.0
Advanced Impact Evaluation: Management and Methodology Alexis Diamond 2.0
Applied Policy Lab Marko Godart Prelec 2.0
Applied Regression Analysis 1 Michael Dorsch 2.0
Applied Regression Analysis 2 Michael Dorsch 2.0
Applied Research in Higher Education Policy and Practice I-II Kata Orosz 4.0
BRAVE NEW WORLD: Global Challenges to Public Interest Journalism in the Age of Trump Dean Starkman 2.0
CANCELLED Skills for Impact - Advocacy: Strategizing, Planning and Measuring Impact Marius Dragomir 2.0
CMDS Practicum Marius Dragomir 2.0
Corruption, Corruption Control and Global Governance Agnes Batory 2.0
Critical Approaches to Policy Making towards Roma in Europe Iulius Rostas 2.0
Critical Reasoning Simon Rippon 2.0
Designing Interventions to Respond to Conflict and Violence Julia Buxton 2.0
Documentary for Social Change Jeremy Braverman
Kate Coyer
Doing Good Less Badly John Ryle (George Soros Visiting Chair) 2.0
Economic Analysis for Public Policy I Anand Murugesan 2.0
Economic Analysis for Public Policy II Martin Kahanec
Michael Dorsch
Economics of Higher Education Kata Orosz 2.0
Equality Policy in Comparative Perspective Andrea Krizsan
Violetta Zentai
Ethics, Politics and Policy Miklos Zala 2.0
Food Policy and Politics Tiziana Centofanti 2.0
Gender, Conflict and War Margaret Jenkins 2.0
Geopolitics of the Internet Cameran Ashraf 4.0
Higher Education and Public Policy Marvin Lazerson
Norbert Sabic
Higher Education Policy in the Age of Knowledge Society Liviu Matei 2.0
Impact Evaluation: Theory and Application Alexis Diamond 2.0
Institutions and Actors in the Policy Process Uwe Puetter
International Organizations: Past, Present, Future Wolfgang H. Reinicke 2.0
Intervention in Action: South Sudan Daniel Large 2.0
Introduction into Qualitative Evaluation Research of Foreign Aid Projects Thilo Bodenstein 2.0
Introduction to Cyberconflict Cameran Ashraf 4.0
Introduction to Development Cristina Corduneanu-Huci 2.0
Introduction to Entrepreneurship Gábor Baranyai 2.0
Introduction to Global Governance and Public Policy Wolfgang H. Reinicke
Daniel Large
Introduction to Human Rights Law and Mechanisms for Public Policy Students Kirsten Roberts Lyer 2.0
Introduction to International Humanitarian Law for Public Policy Students Kirsten Roberts Lyer 2.0
Jean Monnet Module on European Integration Uwe Puetter 4.0
Job Search Basics and Beyond for MPA students Marija Stojanovska Rupcic 0.0
Journalism and Social Change in Historical Perspective Constantin Iordachi
Dean Starkman
Just Data Miklós Koren, Department of Economics and Business
Arieda Muço, Department of Economics and Business
Chrys Margaritidis, Dean of Students
Roberta Sinatra, Department of Mathematics and Its Applications
Karoly Boroczky, Department of Mathematics and Its Applications
Jozsef Martin, Transparency International Hungary
Achilles Georgiu, Department of Economics and Business
Labour and Population Policy Martin Kahanec 2.0
Law and Public Policy Marie-Pierre F. Granger 2.0
Macroeconomics and Public Finance Lajos Bokros 4.0
Media Freedom and Human Rights Sejal Parmar 2.0
Migration Policy in European Context Rainer Münz 2.0
Networked Governance: Theory and Practice Wolfgang H. Reinicke 2.0
Policy Analysis Agnes Batory
Julia Buxton
Evelyne Hübscher
Politics and Policies of Foreign Aid Thilo Bodenstein 2.0
Psychology and Public Policy Kinga Göncz 2.0
Public Choice Michael Dorsch 2.0
Public International Law in Argument and Practice Bernhard Knoll-Tudor 2.0
Public Management Nick Sitter 2.0
Public Policy and Party Politics Evelyne Hübscher 2.0
Public Sector Economics Michael Dorsch 2.0
Religion and Society in Turkey Brett Wilson 2.0
Religion in the Public Sphere Brett Wilson 2.0
Research Design and Methods for Public Policy I Achim Kemmerling 2.0
Research Design and Methods for Public Policy II Thilo Bodenstein 2.0
Resolving Crisis: Iran and the West Jon Greenwald 1.0
Rule of Law for Public Policy Students Kirsten Roberts Lyer 2.0
Rural Development Policy Andrew Cartwright 2.0
Science, Society, and Environmental Policy Tiziana Centofanti 2.0
Security in the Global South: Latin America case study Julia Buxton 2.0
SFI - Advanced Topics in Negotiations Sebastian Litta 0.0
Skills for Impact - Documentary Filmmaking Jeremy Braverman 2.0
Skills for Impact - Fundraising Agnes Doka 1.0
Skills for Impact - Internet and Human Rights Practicum Cameran Ashraf 2.0
Skills for Impact - Introduction to Negotiations Sebastian Litta 1.0
Skills for Impact - Managing Cultural Diversity Kinga Göncz 1.0
Skills for Impact - Media Advocacy Peter Sarosi
István Gábor Takács
Skills for Impact - Scenario Planning: Context and Application Wolfgang H. Reinicke
Thomas Wales
Skills for Impact - Turning Conflicts into Collaboration Kinga Göncz 2.0
Skills for Impact - Video Advocacy Peter Sarosi
István Gábor Takács
Skills for Impact – Practical Legal skills for Public Policy Students Kirsten Roberts Lyer 1.0
Skills for Impact: Working Under Pressure - Responding to a Human Rights Crisis Kirsten Roberts Lyer 1.0
Social Justice Frameworks in Action (SJFACT) Michael Dorsch
Marie-Pierre F. Granger
Simon Rippon
Tamara Steger
Sound Studies: Listening & Creating between the Material, Medium and Metaphor Cameran Ashraf
Ian Cook
Sara Svensson
Sound studies: listening & creating between the material, medium and metaphor Ian Cook, Center for Media, Data and Society
Cameran Ashraf, School of Public Policy
Jeremy Braverman, CEU Library
Dumitrita Holdis, Center for Media, Data and Society
Sara Svensson, School of Public Policy
Judit Emese Konopás, Independent Sound Researcher
Zoltán Kovács, Budapest Metropolitan University
Lucia Udvardyová, Journalist and musician
Strategic Security Narratives in a “Post-Fact” World Vivian S. Walker 2.0
Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Nick Sitter 4.0
Text Analysis Across Disciplines - Data Collection and Curation Jessie Labov, Center for Media, Data and Society
Tamas Kiss, Department of Medieval Studies
The ethos of science: Objectivity, disintrestedness and autnomy Maria Kronfeldner 2.0
The Global Economy: Actors, Institutions, Challenges Thilo Bodenstein 2.0
The Global Politics of Africa Daniel Large 2.0
The Global Politics of China Daniel Large 2.0
The Internet & Human Rights Cameran Ashraf 2.0
The Law and Politics of Combating Violence Against Women Andrea Krizsan
Mathias Möschel
The Political Economy of Global Governance Wolfgang H. Reinicke 2.0
The Politics of Government Transparency Cristina Corduneanu-Huci 2.0
The Politics of South-South Development in Africa Daniel Large 2.0