Skills for Impact - Fundraising

Course Description: 

Skills for Impact Program, Elective module, MPA Year 1 and Year 2 Students

Fundraising is a 1,5 day- long workshop aimed to familiarize  students with fundraising theory, methodology and best practices. 

Nowadays an increasing number of government functions are undertaken by civil society initiatives, so the hunt for donors and attention is increasingly competitive.  Just like every aspect of organizational communication, an NGO's ability to create funds is deeply impacted by social media based communication.

During the workshop, students will learn to plan for a comprehensive fundraising strategy, use best practices to solicit individual and corporate donations, cultivate donor relations, avoid grant writing pitfalls and choose appropriate communication channels for a cause.  Specific attention will be given to crowdfunding and the use of social media in fundraising.

After introduction to the basics of fundraising in the first day, students will work on the elements of a fundraising strategy, learn how to position a cause, and how to use social media in fundraising. The second day students will implement their fundraising plan.  

Each learning block will be followed by a small group exercise.  Students are expected to leverage the knowledge obtained at the workshop to fund-raise for civil society organizations or for individual causes.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop, students will

  • be aware of classic fundraising techniques and best practices
  • be able to position their NGO/cause as partners to businesses
  • be able to design a comprehensive fundraising strategy for an organization
  • be able to construct a step-by-step fundraising plan
  • be comfortable with various crowdfunding platforms

Students will be evaluated based on their activity during exercises, participation in discussions and project presentations.

In small groups of 6-8 students will work on the following projects:

1)     Designing, presenting and executing an in-campus fundraising plan

2)     Designing, presenting and executing a crowdfunding campaign

The workshop will close with group evaluation of the projects presented and accomplished.