Job Search Basics and Beyond for MPA students

Course Description: 

Mandatory Course for Year 1 MPA Students. Two-term course.

In this interactive four-module course, students build off an analysis of their interests, strengths, and accomplishments to create a personal professional development roadmap and portfolio, develop a tailored narrative for use in the job search process, and strengthen fundamental job search skills. Job Search Basics and Beyond provides students with an opportunity to begin the professional development process in a supportive group setting and sets them up to make the most of one-on-one career counseling sessions and other offerings provided by SPP’s Office of Career Services. The course culminates in a required career counseling session.

The course continues in the Winter term. 

Learning Outcomes: 

As key outcomes of the course, students will:

  • Identify their unique interests and skills and connect them to specific potential career paths;
  • Learn methods for researching potential employers;
  • Develop a draft personal professional development road map and portfolio, with specific action steps;
  • Plan their time at SPP so as to identify and make the most of opportunities that will help them work towards their desired career goals;
  • Create an effective resume/CV and begin developing a compelling narrative about their achievements, objectives, and motivation for use in cover letters, interviews, and other scenarios related to their professional development;
  • Examine their attitudes towards networking and come up with a strategy for developing strong, professionally-relevant relationships that matches their personal communication styles.

This is a pass/fail course. 

Deliverables: TBA