Meet the SPP Student Reps 2019-2020

SPP Student Representatives: 

Alina Bobkova
MA in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)

"I’m very happy to be studying at CEU for my first year as an Erasmus Mundus student in the European Public Policy track. I never so many international, diverse and inspiring people in one location. It is an amazing experience to study in such a diverse community and learn from so many public policy and political experts through examples and interesting cases from all around the world! This program is a truly representative of the global world where our interconnection is also our strength and where there is an opportunity to grow."

Shirin Naseer
MA in Public Policy

"I am not interested in finding answers. I want my experiences at university to be about finding the right questions. That is exactly why I chose CEU--a university that encourages curiosity and empowers its students to embrace their unique selves. I feel that may be the only way to bring about meaningful change."

Jasir Shahbaz
MA in Public Policy

"I chose SPP because of its diversity both in terms of student body and the courses. It gives you an opportunity to study public policy from different perspectives. One specific experience that I've had at SPP was its teaching in critical thought, the exploitative World Organisations and inefficient governments in Global South are just a few examples."

Tuan Nguyen
Public Administration MPA 2-year

"Our cohort consists of 19 students from 14 nationalities, not to mention each person's complex cultural and intellectual upbringings. We are a strong group of individuals who care about each other and about the prosperity of our humanity. If you feel at home as I do in such a community, join us at SPP!"

Nils Ole Heller
MA in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)

“I am planning to pursue a career in the diplomatic service, therefore joining the Mundus MAPP Global Public Policy track made sense. I like the “mix and match” approach to the program, it provides a comprehensive core curriculum while it gives the chance to specialize in your own area of interest.”