List of Courses

First year, Fall term
CourseModuleECTS credits
Policy Analysis IFoundation4
 International RelationsFoundation8
Democratic Institutional Design IFoundation4
Economic Analysis for Public Policy

Academic WritingFoundation4
 Research Methods IResearch Methods
Introduction to DevelopmentDemocracy 14
First year, Winter and Spring terms
CourseModuleECTS credits
Policy Analysis II: Institutions and Actors in the Policy ProcessFoundation4
Democratic Institutional Design II: Public Policy and Party PoliticsFoundation4
Research Methods IIResearch Methods4
Big DataResearch Methods4
 Labor History in Global Perspective, 19th and 20th CenturiesDemocracy 14
Modern History of the Middle East: Imperial and Post-Imperial FormationsDemocracy 14
International and European Refugee Law and PolicyDemocracy 18
Elections and DemocracyDemocracy 14
Media Systems and DemocracyDemocracy 14
Public ManagementDemocracy 14
 Law and Public PolicyDemocracy 14
Histories of CapitalismPolicy 14
Global EconomyPolicy 14
EU Industrial Policy and Globaly EconomicsPolicy 14
European Union GovernancePolicy 14
Politics and Policies of Development AidPolicy 14
The Politics of South-South Development in AfricaPolicy 14
Macroeconomics and Public FinancePolicy 18
The Political Economy of ReformsPolicy 1, Democracy4
The Law and Politics of Combating Violence Against WomenPolicy 1, Democracy 16

The Political Economy of Non-Democracy

Policy 1, Democracy 18
Institutional and Behavioral EconomicsPolicy 1, Democracy 14
International Humanitarian LawPolicy 1, Democracy 14
Second year, Fall term
CourseModuleECTS credits
Mass Ideologies and the International System, 1900 to the PresentDemocracy 24
Courts as Global Policy ActorsDemocracy 24
Democracy PromotionDemocracy 24
Transitional JusticeDemocracy 24
The Constitution ToolboxDemocracy 24
Fostering Peace in Divided SocietiesDemocracy 24
Terrorism and Counter-TerrorismDemocracy 24
Rational Choice PoliticsDemocracy 24
History of DiplomacyPolicy 24
Energy and societyPolicy 24
Political Economy of International FinancePolicy 24
Economic Policy and Global StrategyPolicy 24
Illiberal CapitalismPolicy 24
Labour and Population PolicyPolicy 24
European Union External AffairsPolicy 24
Governing the Euro – Institutions, Policies, ChallengesPolicy 24
Second year, Winter and Spring terms
CourseModuleECTS credits
ThesisThesis Module24
Students take 16 ECTS in elective courses to make up 120 ECTS.