Grading System

CEU uses a system of letter grades and grade points for evaluating student work, including the thesis (please refer to the grade outline in the CEU Student Records Manual). Major assignments (i.e. term papers or final exams) graded “unsatisfactory” may be retaken once within a given time frame agreed upon between the faculty member(s) and the student. Students who fail to submit work, or whose work fails to meet the minimum requirements for the assignment, will receive a grade of “F.”

The lowest passing grade is C+. At the end of each course, course instructors distribute a detailed breakdown of the course grade components. Failing a mandatory (core) course results in termination from the program.

The letter grades correspond to the following numerical value bands:

A3.68 - 4.00
A-3.34 - 3.67
B+3.01 - 3.33
2.68 - 3.00
B-2.34 - 2.67
C+2.33 - (minimum pass)