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Knowledge of the Law Empowers People, Strengthens Democracy, Maru Says

Giving ordinary people a knowledge of the law, and how to use it to initiate change, empowers people and strengthens democracy, said Vivek Maru, CEO of Namati and World Economic Forum Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

Diplomatic Protocol vs. Corporate Protocol

Corporate Protocol today follows rules and practices of Diplomatic Protocol, said Olaf Jelinski, former chief of Protocol at Airbus. In single sections History of Protocol, basic elements respectively the core-characteristics of Protocol, and Modern Protocol were discussed.

"Do Darknet Drug Markets Make the Bad Guys Less Bad?" Aldridge Asks

“Do darknet drug markets make the bad guys less bad?” Judith Aldridge, George Soros Visiting Chair at CEU's School of Public Policy examined this question about the morality of illicit drug supply under pro

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