Public Policy and Public Administration

Course Description: 

Core Course, Public Policy Track

The course provides an introduction to the concepts, theories and debates at the core of public policy and public administration as a field of scholarly inquiry. The course is designed to prepare the students for their dissertation research, and therefore provides for a broad interdisciplonary discussion of public policy analysis that draws on insights and theories from political science, international relations, economics, and law. The main objective of this course is to develop an advanced understanding of major debates in contemporary public policy, theoretical approaches to the study of public policy as well as diverse methodological considerations for researching various aspects of public policy-making. The course will also develop students’ understanding of core concepts underlying the study of bureaucracy. The objective is to identify and analyze (a), major strands and traditions of public policy scholarship; (b) core concepts in policy analysis; (c) major methodological perspectives, debates and logics of research inquiry used for academic research on public policy; and (d) explanatory capacity of existing theoretical and methodological tools.


Learning Outcomes: