Legal Empowerment Leadership Course 2017

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'My organization has long deployed grassroots legal advocates, but we've never had an adequate data collection tool. How can we roll out a practical, lightweight system that will give us information that can help us improve our effectiveness?'

'My program supports a number of grantees promoting social inclusion who have experimented with a community paralegal model. They've gotten good preliminary results and are exploring next steps. What can I do to help my grantees develop and grow their paralegal programs? '

'I'd like to learn from the experience of other countries where collective action and advocacy resulted in better policies promoting legal empowerment and better financing for the field. I hope to work with other stakeholders in my country on such an effort. '

'My program covers a small geographic area but there is great need throughout my country for legal empowerment services. I'd like to explore methods for scaling up our operations responsibly and sustainably.'

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