SPP Associate Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer publishes case study on Academic Freedom in Ireland

December 17, 2020

SPP Associate Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer has published a case study on Academic Freedom in Ireland, written with CEU PhD Student Elizaveta Potapova. They conclude in their peer-reviewed case study that:

While academic freedom is generally well protected in Ireland, there are concerns around instittuional autonomy. The overall impact on Irish Higher Education Institutions of reduced funding, increased student-to-staff ratios, the rise of precarious employment, the reduction of tenure, and increased regulatory oversight gives the sense of a sector at risk of being undermined by the state, apparently through neglect in terms of resourcing as much as out of deliberate intent, with a corresponding risk to academic freedom in Ireland.

Their case study is part of a larger project on academic freedom across the globe, and contributes to a ground breaking book on researching academic freedom published on 15 December 2020 by FAU Press. 

Professor Roberts Lyer has previously published a report on the closing academic space with the International Centre for Not-for-profit Law co-authored with SPP alumnus Aron Suba, that was recently referenced in the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression's report to the UN General Assembly on Academic Freedom.