SPP Head Martin Kahanec Welcomes a New Cohort

September 3, 2018

It is the beginning of a new academic year again, and we are thrilled to welcome a new cohort of motivated students from all corners of the world as well as new faculty members to join the SPP team!

SPP students represent diverse disciplinary and professional backgrounds, with the aims to learn to analyze, understand and tackle contemporary policy challenges. We wish them a great Academic Year, full of inspiration, fulfilled aspirations, and - besides all serious work – with tons of fun doing it all!

“Your job is to take advantage of the distinguished faculty, professional staff, and excellent facilities of the School, but also to be an active citizen of the community.  Be the one asking questions, the one never giving up that mission of being the most curious student in the classroom”  encouraged SPP Head Martin Kahanec to the incoming students, in his opening speech at the welcome ceremony this morning. Further adding that they should enjoy this great new challenge ahead of them.  

A warm welcome to Cait Brown who is joining as Assistant Professor of Applied Economics and Mihály Fazekas as Assistant Professor of Public Administration, as well. 

“The new colleagues will further strengthen the SPP faculty in the areas of quantitative methods, impact evaluation, as well as policy analysis and public administration,” commented Kahanec.