SPP professor awarded a research grant from the German Thyssen Foundation

April 27, 2018

Together with Markus Wagner (University of Vienna) and Thomas Sattler (University of Geneva), Evelyne Hübscher  (SPP associate professor) was awarded a research grant from the German Thyssen Foundation. The project called "Estimating Popular Constraints in Debt Crisis Management”  will examine how voters respond to fiscal austerity in times of financial pressure and is motivated by the difficulties of many European governments to address the problem of high and growing public debt. According to Hübscher and her co-authors, these difficulties of governments in designing politically sustainable fiscal policy responses are grounded in a limited understanding of popular constraints in times of fiscal crises in the current academic literature. Using survey experiments, the goal of the project is to delineate how voters set the political boundaries for debt crisis management and to identify the political feasibility frontier that governments face in fiscal policy. This frontier will define, which fiscal austerity packages are politically sustainable without massive political destabilization and which ones are not.