Diplomatic Protocol vs. Corporate Protocol

November 23, 2017

Corporate Protocol today follows rules and practices of Diplomatic Protocol, said Olaf Jelinski, former chief of Protocol at Airbus. In single sections History of Protocol, basic elements respectively the core-characteristics of Protocol, and Modern Protocol were discussed. He focused in particular on the similarities and differences between Diplomatic Protocol and Corporate Protocol and showed how Corporate Protocol is comparable to Diplomatic Protocol and contains its own elements. In the following open discussion questions were asked on the role of Protocol in Public Diplomacy and the role of none state actors. The changing role of Protocol in in the sphere of Public Diplomacy like sports and arts, but also cultural practices of Protocol were further topics of the discussion. Are there conflicts made by Protocol, wrong usage of Protocol, or by not using Protocol in the official communication between states and can rigid Protocol also be an obstacle that prevents communication? Further topics of the discussion were the questions to what extent does Corporate Protocol overlap with Social Corporate responsibility and to what extent are there hidden messages by certain elements of both Diplomatic and Corporate Protocol.