William Mangimela

Nationality: Zambia
Program: MPA
Graduated: 2015
Current job: Senior Health Information Officer at Ministry of Health
Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Beyond Work

+1. Which Hungarian words do you still remember?

Egészségedre! [Cheers!] Végállomás [final stop]. Hogy vagy? [How are you?] Jól vagyok [I'm fine]. Bocsánat [I'm sorry].

+2. What was your dream job when you were ten years old?

I always thought I would become a football player because we used to play football a lot in my neighborhood as kids... that passion waned as I grew older.

+3. What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day at work?

Spending time with my wife.

1. What led you to study public policy at CEU?

I thought CEU would give me an opportunity to combine theoretical studies with practical skills in public policy analysis. Thanks to the skills-based curriculum, the Passion Project, and easy access to professors and practitioners, I deemed SPP to be a place where I would be nurtured towards becoming a specialist in public policy.

2. What do you remember most about your time at CEU?

Being in a class with students from 21 countries within a university whose student body represents more than 100 nationalities provided vast international exposure. CEU made me experience the world and attach a human face to each country as we pursued advanced scholarship to address vexing problems affecting the globe. The invaluable friendships and networks I built at CEU are things that I will cherish and draw upon in pursuit of future endeavors.

3. What have you been engaged in professionally since graduating from CEU?

I attended a master's course on international development organized by the International Summer School at the University of Oslo from June 22 to July 31. In September, I returned to my previous employer, the Zambian Ministry of Health, where I am a senior health information officer in the Directorate of Policy and Planning with the ambition of rising in the ranks to a more senior position now that my qualifications include the MPA.

4. How have your policy studies at CEU contributed to your career?

SPP gave me firsthand knowledge regarding new development thinking and practice on how poor households can be lifted out of poverty, regain control over their lives, and increase their access to social services, including health. Studying public policy at SPP enhanced my critical analysis skills and ability to weigh multiple and often equally compelling policy choices, and gave me a subtle understanding of the strategies needed to turn policy choices into impact in an interconnected world. I feel inspired to contribute to shaping the future of my country as I challenge myself through innovation to build new mechanisms for responsible and sustainable policy making and implementation that responds to Zambia's needs.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself continuing to build my career in the Zambian public service. I trust that the knowledge, expertise, and values of self-reflective critical thinking I have acquired at CEU will enable me to rise through the rank and file of the public service and positively contribute to improving the lives of ordinary Zambians.

6. Do you have any advice for current students?

I say this as someone who did not always follow this advice: graduate school shouldn't be one's entire life. Despite the course load being very heavy at times, don't give up your hobbies and other passions. It is important to do something like regular sport or comedy besides graduate school.

7. What is your favorite thing to do in Budapest?

I mostly enjoyed the time spent with my peers over a drink, sharing stories, and laughing all the way. I also enjoyed taking walks and exploring the city in my spare time.

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