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Meet Corrado Minardi

Meet the SPP Students: Corrado Minardi

Meet Aila Hauru

Meet the SPP Students: Aila Hauru

Meet Naiyuan Zhou

Meet the SPP Students: Naiyuan Zhou

Meet Calum Cameron

Meet the SPP Students: Calum Cameron

Meet Mahitab Mahgoub

Meet the SPP Students: Mahitab Mahgoub

Alumnus Mladen Joksic on the Balance Between Theory and Practice

CEU public policy alumnus Mladen Joksic on the balance between theory and practice

Alumnus Alin Chindea on His Public Policy Experience at CEU

Public policy alumnus Alin Chindea on his challenging experience at CEU

PhD Candidate Renata Kralikova Discusses Her Research on Higher Education

Specializing in higher education, PhD student Renata says she's prepared for a range of careers

PhD Candidate Philipp Thaler Discusses His Research on EU Foreign Policy

PhD student Philipp discusses his research on EU foreign policy at Central European University