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Visiting Professor Sara Svensson publishes article in Regional & Federal Studies on contact networks within European borderlands

June 11, 2015

In this Regional & Federal Studies article, Sara Svensson uses analysis and data from her 2013 dissertation, but enriches the analysis by also using the network metric ‘connectivity’, which was introduced in a a previous article written jointly by Svensson and CEU Center for Network Studies Research Fellow Card Nordlund in Journal of European Integration (37:3, pp 371-389).  The present article discusses determinants of local government contact networks within cross-border cooperation organizations (Euroregions).

EU refugee quotas: CEU research in the spotlight again

June 8, 2015

EC' proposal to distribute refugee quotas to member states has spurred a heated debate. Economic arguments are used and often abused against such policy, and immigration in general.

Evidence-based policy making should, however, stick with empirically established facts. 

Martin Kahanec (Public Policy) argues mobility is good for the European economy and immigrants are an asset in the labor market.

The research he has contributed to rebukes three myths about the impacts and causes of international migration:

Myth 1: Immigrants take our jobs and lower our wages.

Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-legal perspectives

May 27, 2015

On Friday 15 May 2015, CEUR co-hosted, together with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, a conference on Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-legal perspectives.

Herman Van Rompuy on the first 5 years of European Council Presidency

May 20, 2015

Read the keynote speech of Herman Van Rompuy on The Role of the President of the European Council at the European Parliament Think Tank event of 5.5.2015 here.

Sara Svensson gave lecture at Comenius University in Bratislava

April 30, 2015

On April 29, DPP visiting professor Sara Svensson held a lecture on ‘Crossborder cooperation and Euroregions’ to students at the Institute of Public Policy and Economics at Comenius University in Bratislava. The lecture presented the origin and the diffusion of cross-border cooperation between sub-national authorities in a Europe, with a special emphasis on why local governments decide to join Euroregions as vechicles for such cooperation.