Moving to Budapest

Finding a place to live.

Budapest consists of twenty-three districts.

Buda's districts are I, II, III, XI, XII, XXII.

Pest's districts are IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXIII.

The best districts for living in Budapest are:

District 5: that is where CEU is located.

District 1: also known as the Castle District located on the Buda side, one of the most upper-class parts of the capital.

District 2: if you want something quiet that is near the city center with good public transport facilities, then look around Szell Kalman ter and Margit hid.

Districts 6-7: downtown area (e.g. Kiraly Street, Akacfa Street, Klauzal Street).

Districts 8-9: currently these districts are undergoing rapid gentrification, while other parts still remain impoverished. The rent might be lower than elsewhere.

District 11: this part is located on the Buda side, but the public transport is very good, Depending on your location, you can get to CEU in 30 minutes. Here you can find very good shopping facilities and it is also close to the hills.

District 13: the so called Ujlipotvaros part is recommended, which is on the Danube bank and is also a quiet and very nice area.

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