Medical Services

General Practitioners

CEU Medical Center 
Dr. Gabor Sandor - CEU (Nador 11 Courtyard)
Dr. Monika Horvath - CEU (Nador 11 Courtyard)

Emergency phone numbers

General emergency number 112
Ambulance 104
Fire 105
Police 107

24-hour emergency medical phone number: 

In case of emergency you may receive advice and directions by calling (+36-30) 832-6260.

In Hungary medications such as painkillers, antipyretics or spasmolytics can be purchased without prescriptions. However, most medicine can only be bought with prescriptions (including emergency contraception pills). In case you need such pills please visit the CEU Medical Center.

24-hour pharmacies in Budapest: 

Terez Patika, VI. District, Terez krt. 41, Phone: (36-1) 311-4439
Elefant Gyogyszertar, X. District, Pongrac ut 19, Phone: (36-1) 431-9940
Deli Gyogyszertar, XII. District, Alkotas ut 1/b, Phone: (36-1) 355-4691
Nova Beketeri Gyogyszertar, XIII. District, Lehel u. 74-76, Phone: (36-1) 320-8006
Ors Vezer Gyogyszertar, XIV. District, Ors Vezer tere Medical Center, Phone: (36-1) 221-3861


CEU's student psychological counseling is completely confidential and free of charge and may provide support on a wide range of issues.You must make an appointment via email.

Berne Weiss, Psychologist

Vera Varady, Clinical Psychologist