MA in Public Policy

The School of Public Policy (SPP) at Central European University (CEU) offers a one-year Master of Arts in Public Policy (one-year MAPP) degree program that seeks to train future decision-makers and policy experts. CEU is an English-language graduate school in Budapest, Hungary that is accredited in the United States and Hungary.

The curriculum connects critical thinking with problem-solving dynamics and policy practice. It aims to deepen the knowledge of policy theories and administrative practice for its application in contemporary governance. The program is based on a strong conviction that well-targeted research, reasoned debate, and informed public decision-making need to be advanced to address contemporary policy problems, and that these needs can usefully draw on globally transformed policy experience.

Besides completing the course requirements, students are engaged in practical research and gain professional experience, notably through the program's policy practice component. Students either do an internship with an international organization, government department, NGO, or similarly relevant body. Alternatively, students work in small teams of three to four to produce a piece of original research for an external client engaged in public policy advocacy, implementation, and development.

To specialize in one of the five fields below, students must complete a minimum of 6 credits and write a thesis (also 6 credits):

  • Development
  • Security
  • Governance
  • Media and Communication
  • Higher Education Policy

To earn a Master of Arts in Public Policy, students complete 40 credit hours (34 course credits of mandatory and elective courses + 6 dissertation credits). At the end of the teaching terms one-year MAPP students write a master thesis under the guidance of a faculty member.

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