Interpretive Research Forum

The interpretive research forum was found by SPP PhD students Eva Zemandl and Stefan Roch in 2014. It is an informal support group for PhD researchers, faculty, as well as master's students working towards a dissertation, exchanging information, experiences, and best practices concerning interpretive (qualitative) research methods, including interviews. The group is structured around small, interactive workshops and discussion sessions on a specified topic and an online discussion forum.

The group invites students and faculty from all departments of CEU working with qualitative methods not only to attend meetings but also to actively provide input and if possible lead their own sessions to receive feedback on work produced or to plan upcoming field trips among other things.

Most sessions are recorded and shared online with the CEU community. Through this, the group aims to produce a database of experience that may help future students and faculty to confidently use qualitative and interpretive methods. Previous sessions included themes such as the use of software for qualitative data analysis or doing fieldwork in conflict-ridden areas.

For further information, updates on their events, and event video links, consult their Facebook group here.