Internship Support

SPP’s commitment to student professional development includes extensive internship support for students on all three programs.

Internships are widely recognized as a platform for skills development and knowledge acquisition and as a way to put into practice knowledge acquired in the classroom. In the sphere of public policy, internships and other opportunities to learn through practice can be especially useful aspects of professional development and career growth.

The majority of SPP master’s students choose to do an internship in fulfilment of a program requirement or recommendation. The office provides professional support on student internship searches, conducts research to identify policy-relevant internship opportunities and resources to share with students, liases with potential internship hosts, and works directly with students through group trainings and one-on-one consultations. Additionally, the office administers the School’s internship fund. The internship fund provides contributions to help defray out-of-pocket expenses in case of unpaid or poorly-paid internships. The internship fund is not intended to cover all expenses. SPP students are advised to carefully consider their personal financial resources and constraints as they make decisions around possible internships. Full information about the internship fund, including eligibility requirements and application guidelines, is made available to students each year, generally late in fall term or early in winter term.

To learn more about SPP student internships, read In Their Own Words 2016 | 2015.