Covid 19-related CEU Senate Decisions, Policies and Communications
Dear All, please look to these documents related to COVID 19 communications and decisions by CEU if need be.
SPP is here to support our faculty, staff, students and alumni. OneCEU site has a collection of Rector updates for the community, along with separate communications from the Provost, Dean of Students, on issues such as working from home, guidance to supervisors re work obligations of parents. CEU document repository is where you can find COVID 19 academic decisions, such as grading and extensions, the PhD measures, and cost reimbursement for academics.


SPP Associate Professor Evelyne Hübscher has been invited to the Max Planck Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung (MPIfG) to present co-authored work within a workshop on `The Politics of Macroeconomic Policies'.

This week Asya Metodieva successfully defended her thesis “Foreign Fighter Recruitment as the Continuation of a War”.
SPP's professor Martin Kahanec, PhD alumna Magdalena Ulceluse (University of Groningen), and former visiting professor Martin Guzi (Masaryk University) publish a chapter on "Europe's migration experience and its effects on economic inequality" in Oxford University Press book Europe's Income, Wealth, Consumption, and Inequality edited by Georg Fischer and Robert Strauss.

SPP professor Nick Sitter and former SPP professor Andreas Goldthau (University of Erfurt) published an article in Policy and Society about what International Political Economy and Global Public Policy bring to bear in global energy research. The article is available through open access.

SPP Associate Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer has published a case study on Academic Freedom in Ireland, written with CEU PhD Student Elizaveta Potapova. They conclude in their peer-reviewed case study that:

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