First Year at CEU

Mundus MAPP is a two-year program, with the first year spent at SPP and the second at the University of York (European Public Policy track) or at Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals (Global Public Policy track).  The program consists of course work, policy practice, and a research component.

Detailed information can be found at Below is an overview of the first year at CEU SPP.

Core courses (mandatory for all Mundus MAPP students):

Economic Analysis for Public Policy I

Economic Analysis for Public Policy II

Research Design and Methods for Public Policy I

Research Design and Methods for Public Policy II

Policy Analysis 

Institutions and Actors in the Policy Process 

Public Sector Economics

Academic Writing

Jean Monnet Module on European Integration

Elective courses: 
All courses at SPP are available.

The study visit is a mandatory component of the first year of Mundus MAPP, designed to expose students to the world of policy practice. It takes place in April/May in the first academic year, and involves traveling to a city the students collectively choose, and actively participating in meetings at a range of organizations, from government departments to NGOs and international organizations. The study visit is organized by the Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) for students in all tracks, and assessed bya policy paper/policy brief.

Internships last one month and take place after other academic requirements are completed in year one but before the academic year starts in year two; i.e., typically in the summer for CEU students. Internships may be substituted with, and/or taken in addition to, the Applied Policy Lab, in which teams of students work on a consulting project for a specific client under faculty supervision during the academic year. The internship credits count towards year two of Mundus MAPP.