Local Organizers

Dr. Michael Dorsch (chair) is an applied economist whose research and teaching interests are mainly in public economics and political economics. Michael's current research program investigates the political economy of distortionary economic policy, with a particular interest in the role of political and economic inequality. His work has appeared in interdisciplinary journals such as the European Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Comparative Economics, Public Choice, and Social Sciences Quarterly.

Dr. Julius Horvath is the former (2006-2011) and current (2014-) Head of Department of Economics at CEU and also former Head of Department of IRES (2002-2006). His main interest lies in international economic policy issues, political economy of monetary relations, and history of economic thought. He has published chapters at publishing houses such as Palgrave MacMillan, Edgar Elgar, Logos Moscow, Kluwer Academic, Duncker and Humblot Berlin, and Social Science Information Centre Berlin. He is a member of the Slovak and Czech Accreditation Committees and the Chair of the Slovak Economic Association.