Academic Courses

Elective Course, Development Concentration/SpecializationAcademics and policy makers have started to pay significant attention to how transparent governments are to legislatures, media, courts, and ordinary citizens. Transparency implies opening up the decision making process, as well as publishing reliable and timely...
Credits: 2.0
Elective Course, Development Specialization/ConcentrationThis course offers an introduction to the politics of Indian and particularly Chinese development engagements in Sub-Saharan Africa. It uses a thematic approach, combined with a case-study method, to cover key trends. In this way, it explores the direct and less...
Instructor: Daniel Large
Credits: 2.0
According to a widely accepted moral principle, individual lives matter, and they matter equally. In order to lead successful lives individuals need resources. Resources are available in scarce supply, though, and so the claims individuals may make to them conflict with each other. Hence the central question of (...
Instructor: Janos Kis
Credits: 4.0
The main objective of this course is to introduce students into the state of art scholarship and debates in the study of nationalism, and help them to critically engage with and think of contemporary neo-nationalism and populist nationalism. The course aims at familiarizing students with key concepts and theories as...
Instructor: Szabolcs Pogonyi
Credits: 2.0


War involves widespread killing and maiming. For this reason it is of utmost importance to understand the morality that governs the conduct for, and in, war. Besides its practical importance war also raises many philosophical interesting issues. In this course we will explore some prominent aspects of war theory. We...
Instructor: Andres Moles
Credits: 2.0
2 credit course, continues in the Winter semesterDay and Time: Tuesday 15:30 { 17.20 (bi-weekly basis)Welfare states and social security schemes are central to industrialized modern democracies. However, globalization and structural domestic changes increasingly challenge these achievements. Questions concerning...
Instructor: Evelyne Hübscher
Credits: 2.0