Research Design and Methods for Public Policy II

Course Description: 

Mandatory for all Year 1 MPA, Mundus MAPP and One-year MAPP students

Aims and structure of the course

The course explores the philosophy of (social) science, research design and techniques of qualitative data gathering and analysis. We investigate what social scientists do and how they evaluate their theories and empirical material. In the course we explore research design (finding a research question,  defining  conceptsand  measurement  andcase selection),  data  gathering  (surveys, interviews, using documents and archives, observation), data analysis and research based policy recommendation. The course consists of eleven seminars. The format is based on introductions by the lecturer(s), student presentations, class discussions and group work exercises’. 


Learning Outcomes: 

The general goal of the course is raising awareness of methodological problems and solutions in qualitative research. The material is based on book chapters and papers of the respective field, new contributions in the field and a selection of applied studies. As specific learning outcomes students should be able to develop a coherent research design on their own and chose the appropriate method of data gathering and data analysis tailored to their research question. In addition, students should be able to critically review research and policy papers regarding their research design and methodological choices All written assignments must be submitted on the CEU e-learning platform for the course. 


Presentation (including handout):20%; Take-home exam: 40%; Research paper review: 40%; Small group discussion notes: Not graded, but all reports need to uploaded on e-learning; Participation: Students are expected to attend seminars regularly, to prepare the required readings, to participate in seminar discussions and group activities. Participation is not graded, but attendance is mandatory.