A Critical Survey of Theories of World Politics

Course Description: 

The course starts off with an in-depth-look at current orthodoxy in International Relations (IR) theorising before charting divergent lines of flight away from orthodoxy to heterodoxy. The scene setter of the course is thus a thorough engagement with the main proponents of the two dominant Western strands of thinking about politics beyond the state: liberalism and constructivism. It then goes on to cover new versions of structural realism and neoclassical realism. The two other heterodox critiques of mainstream IR theory that will be covered are Foucauldian approaches and neomarxist approaches. Finally, the course will turn towards an engagement with a particular issue-area that is of some import to contemporary world politics and world order: peace- and statebuilding. In general, in discussing and critiquing IR theories, the course will pay particular attention to concepts, substantive applications of theories and methodological and epistemological issues.

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