Applied Policy Lab

Course Description: 

Mandatory for Year 1 MPA Students

Mandatory/Elective for all One-year MA and Mundus MAPP students ( Students must complete this or the Internship in fulfillment of the mandatory practice component)

This class will teach the skills needed for the second-year Applied Policy Projects (APP) by working on an abbreviated APP in the classroom. The class project will be “live”, on behalf of an actual client, and will cover all aspects of the APP experience. Under the instructor’s guidance, students will study the client, define the problem, formulate a strategy, conduct research, analyze their findings, develop policy recommendations, and present their work. Much of the work will be done during class time. SPP faculty and external experts will provide additional coaching and expertise. A (limited) budget will be available for the class to spend to support its research. The whole class (both sections) will work on the same project. The class culminates in a presentation to the client in person or by video link.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Work together in teams that achieve more than the sum of their parts and know how to resolve intra-team conflict;
  • Integrate skills acquired in other SPP classes (and elsewhere) and apply them to a real-world policy issue;
  • Assess a client’s mission, values, objectives, methods and needs;
  • Plan and deliver a project within defined time and resource constraints;
  • Develop policy recommendations; and
  • Present conclusions persuasively in oral and written form.

Assessment: Will be based on students’ journals of their work on the class project, and will reflect the quality of the final written report; teamwork and professionalism; and showing understanding of the client’s mandate, mission and values. The instructor will give written feedback in weeks 4, 7, and 10.