Academic Writing for MPA students

Course Description: 

Mandatory Course 

The Writing program will equip students with the academic skills they need to carry out graduate-level work at CEU, as well as in any professional or academic English-speaking environment. The program is composed of two main parts. A writing course of 12 sessions will be provided during the pre-sessional period and in the fall semester. The course will first introduce students to writing effective policy papers and enable them to apply the insights gained to the presentation and writing of one of the key genres in policy writing, the policy brief. Students will also develop an awareness of the structural and discoursal features of research writing, become familiar with how to use the work of other authors effecively in their reasearch papers and how to develop their own voice. The other main component of the program is the one-on-one writing consultations, which are available to all CEU students throughout the academic year. Students can schedule appointments using the Academic Writing Center’s online system available at

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, students should be able to: 

  • identify the purposes, typical components and features of various genres in their field
  • write for various audiences, adapting their writing to the expectations of these audiences
  • structure a policy brief and a reasearch paper at the micro and macro level
  • think and write more clearly and incisively 
  • properly incorporate the work of other authors into their own writing and understand the CEU policy on plagiarism 
  • edit and refine their own written work.

This is a pass/fail course.