Philip N. Howard

Professor of Media and Communication Policy and Governance, SPP, and Director of the Center for Media and Communications Studies

Philip N. Howard is an academic and commentator on global media policy issues who investigates different aspects of the global politics of technology diffusion. His books include New Media Campaigns and the Managed Citizen (Cambridge, 2005), The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (Oxford, 2010), and Castells and the Media (Polity, 2011). Howard's latest book,Democracy's Fourth Wave? Digital Media and the Arab Spring is slated for publication by Oxford University Press this year. He has also co-edited Society Online: The Internet in Context (Sage, 2004) with Steve Jones, the Handbook of Internet Politics (Routledge, 2009) with Andrew Chadwick, and Digital Networks and Authoritarian Rule (Ashgate, 2012) with Muzammil Hussain. His books have won praise from across the social sciences, with awards from the American Political Science Association, the American Sociological Association, and the International Communication Association. He directs the World Information Access Project, the Project on Information Technology and Political Islam, and the Digital Activism Project.

Philip N. Howard is the director of the Center for Media and Communication Studies at the SPP and Professor of Media and Communication Policy and Governance. He writes commentary about digital media and international affairs for the Huffington Post, Reuters, and Slate. He earned his doctorate from Northwestern University in Sociology.


Twitter: @pnhoward

Video: Philip N. Howard talks about his role at SPP and with CMCS.