Marie-Pierre Granger co-edits the Research Handbook on the Politics of EU law

September 7, 2020

SPP faculty Marie-Pierre Granger co-edited with Paul James Cardwell (Strathclyde University) the Research Handbook on the Politics of EU law (Edward Elgar, July 2020). The book's contributions analyse the interplay between the law and politics of the EU and examine the role of law and legal actors in European integration. In her own chapter (14) 'The Political Dynamics of EU Human Rights Law: Scratching Beneath the Surface', Marie-Pierre deplores the limited knowledge we have about who drives the judicial development of EU human rights law, and why and when domestic actors, including NGO and cause lawyers, mobilize EU human rights instruments to promote more human rights focused policies. She calls for more empirical legal research on the subject. You may also add my website picture.