Diane Stone presents a Keynote Lecture online for OnThinkTanks (OTT)

March 31, 2020

Diane Stone, SPP Dean and Professor presented her first online Keynote Lecture for the OnThinkTanks (OTT) Annual Conference, on March 31st, originally scheduled as an event in Berlin. The presentation was entitled: Think Tanks, Democracy and Epistocracy: Transnational Dimensions”.     

OTT is a global platform dedicated to the study and support of policy research centres. OTT team live and work in 6 continents. OTT seeks to play a positive role in supporting evidence informed policy-making.

On Think Tanks and its partners seek to create and nurture open spaces for thinktankers, funders, policymakers and policy entrepreneurs to come together, develop new ideas and collaborate. Our conference are highly participatory, combining several types of activities and sessions to maximise thoughtful engagement.