Agnes Batory & Sara Svensson’s article ranked top 5 most read papers published in Policy & Politics

February 10, 2020

The 2019 article “The Use and Abuse of Participatory Governance by Populist Governments” speaks of the Populists claim that they alone represent the voice of the people against a corrupt elite. They argue that populist governments augment this claim by appropriating and manipulating the language and methods of participatory governance.

Advancing an analytical framework on content, process, effect, resource efficiency and communication dimensions, they illustrate these arguments with the National Consultations in Hungary in 2010–18. Their conclusion for the case study is that these exercises were deeply flawed for securing popular input into policy-making. The implication for scholarship is that participatory governance enthusiasts need to be more aware not just of the uses, but also the abuses, of public input, while scholars of populism should pay more attention to the actual policies and practices populist actors employ to gain or maintain power.

The Authors:
Agnes Batory
Sara Svensson