'Venezuela: the Curse of Oil'

November 22, 2019

SPP Professor, Julia Buxton provides commentary in a new documentary ‘Venezuela: the Curse of Oil’ produced by German broadcaster ZDF. She filmed the interview in Rome and was interested in participating, as the production team had done an ‘incredible amount of research’ in Venezuela and went to great lengths to bring diverse perspectives into analysis of the country’s political and economic situation.

"Because of the oil economy, geostrategic dimensions and scale, Venezuela’s ever moving but static crisis continues to command considerable international attention and concern" she said. 

Julia’s interview in the ZDF production follows her participation in the 2018 Al Jazeera documentary, The Battle for Venezuela. She concludes by saying ‘I wish I was participating in documentaries exploring how Venezuela had moved from a situation of violence, economic implosion and political polarization, but sadly I don’t think that will be made for a long time.’

The documentary is airing across Europe in October and November 2019 including Norway (NRK), Germany (ZDF), France (ARTE), Sweden (STV), Switzerland and Italy.