GDPO Situation Analysis briefs by former SPP students

October 19, 2018

SPP would like to acknowledge the fantastic GDPO Situation Analysis briefs by former students, Nick Sertich on stereotypes in computer gaming; Fayyal Sajad (from a class brief on HIV in Pakistan prisons that was subsequetly published in the Pakistan Dawn newspaper); Jasmin Gamez on environmental impacts of cannabis legalisation in California - with great uptake in US; and Mai Aye on Gender and Drugs in Myanmar.

The GDPO Situation Analysis provides the diversity of stakeholders within the drug policy arena with concise, cutting edge assessment of key topics, enabling informed engagement with pertinent developments and debates. Presented in a focused and standardised format, the SA flags risks, opportunities and future trends in crucial issue areas, delivering to readers actionable information and evidence based insight. 

This was an aspect of the applied work developed for the School. It was the Applied Policy Projects's (APP) connections that gave our MPA students and opportunities to publish policy work. One of the APP's supervised by Prof. Julia Buxton last year included three students who worked with the OSF funded Global Drug Policy Observatory at Swansea University to commission and write policy briefs (Situation Analysis) and commissioned video interviews.