Book Chapter published by SPP Associate Professor Marie-Pierre Granger

June 28, 2018

Associate Professor Marie-Pierre Granger recently published a book chapter entitled ‘The protection of civil rights and liberties and the transformation of Union citizenship’ in the volume, Moving beyond Barriers: Prospects for EU Citizenship, published by Edward Elgar (May 2018), and edited by Sandra Seubert, Marcel Hoogenboom, Trudie Knijn, Sybe de Vries and Frans van Waarden. The chapter, which draws on the research carried out in the framework of the EU-funded FP7 project bEUcitizen, explores the role played by the protection of civil rights in the evolution of the concept and practice of EU citizenship. Going beyond EU citizenship sensu stricto, it examines the broader legal framework of EU membership to show that European citizens benefit from an ever-growing corpus of civil rights and liberties, which the EU institutions and Member States must respect and protect. This broader approach reveals an alternative, more substantial and inclusive, concept of EU citizenship, based on a liberal notion centered on equality and liberty. This alternative EU citizenship remains nonetheless limited in scope and fragmented, and suffers from enforcement challenges, which put under threat its very notion and practice. The chapter concludes on a call for a greater recognition and consolidation of this alternative vision of EU citizenship.