CfA – Postgraduate summer course

December 14, 2017

CfA – Postgraduate summer course “ECPR/EURA Summer School 2018: Collaborative Local Government for an Open Society” at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, 9 July - 14 July, 2018

CEU’s summer program invites applications from Ph.D. students working on dissertations with topics connected to local government and interested practitioners (such as city mayors) and young PhDs (less than 5 years) from disciplines such as administrative science, law, economics, public management, sociology, political science, planning, urban geography or history interested in the overall topic.

The 2018 Training School on “Collaborative local government for an open society” ( ) is one of the long-lasting series of summer course for Ph.D. students interested in local government issues. It is co-organized by the European Urban Research Association and Standing Group for Local Government and Politics of ECPR, and gives an opportunity to develop the understanding of comparative local government studies in Europe and to discuss Ph.D. dissertation with experienced professors of different disciplines and coming from different countries.

First application deadline: February 14, 2018.

Financial aid is available.

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