Conflict Analysis


March 10, 2014
Buddhist groups have been waging campaigns of hate speech and violence in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. What is causing this upsurge in anti-Muslim violence in these countries?
February 17, 2014
Contrary to the general opinion of governance watchdogs, corruption may not always raise the risk of conflict in a country.
January 31, 2014
A successful peace process in Colombia could lead the way to new approaches to peace processes in Central and South America.
October 4, 2013

Peace in Syria seems distant but a CEU event on Oct 3 heard that a chemical weapons accord may open up opportunities.

CEU President and Rector John Shattuck told a roundtable on the Syrian conflict on October 3 that the chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta was a defining moment that might galvanize international action as much as the massacre at Srebrenica in Bosnia had pushed the United States into action in 1995. A possible new opening between the United States and Iran might also improve the environment for diplomacy, he said.


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