A Trump Presidency: How Did We Get to This Point, and Could it Happen?

The prospect of a Trump presidency does not worry Stephen Golub. His apprehension actually goes far deeper than that.

Higher Education Reform in Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia: How is it Different, and Why?

"I worked on the issue of higher education governance for many years at an NGO in Slovakia before I enrolled in the PhD program," explained Renáta Králiková, "but due to the type of work I was doing (work at an NGO, for the government), I did not have time to research the topic, to look at the big picture, and go more in-depth." That's what she

Institutional Arbitrage Drives Internationalization of Emerging Multinational Enterprises

"Why do firms based in emerging countries internationalize?" This is the question that Global Challenges Senior Fellow John Luiz sought to answer in a recent paper with Helena Barnard.


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