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SPP Students Support the #RomaAreEqual Campaign

"We were appalled to see violence used to challenge the idea that we are all equal," says MPA second-year student Corina Ajder. She is describing the reaction she and her classmates had when they heard about the 17-year-old Romani man who was savagely beaten by a self-declared ethnic Bulgarian nationalist.

Global Challenges Fellow Khani Shares Hope for Regional Integration in the Middle East

"It looks like mission impossible but it is not," said Senior Global Challenges Fellow and Imam Sadiq University (Tehran, Iran) faculty member Mohammad Hassan Khani, speaking of hopes for reg

Free Press in Turkey is Unlikely but Not Impossible

"We're not in a great place politically," said Kadir Has University Assistant Professor Efe Sevin about Turkey. He noted Turkey's current five-year decline in Freedom House's press freedom rankings and highlighted the change in status from "partly free" to "not free" in 2013.

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